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01 The prosecutor of this office has concluded the investigation and initiated prosecution in the case involving the transportation of 1381 kilograms of Class II drugs marijuana 2024-05-09
02 The prosecutor of this office is handling the investigation of a maritime cannabis smuggling case 2024-02-05
03 Prosecutors effort in combating illegal money flows, detect the case of overseas laundering money again 2023-09-14
04 Prosecutors of this office are diligently tracing and investigating drug cases, resulting in the successful discovery of a heroin drug packaging factory 2023-06-14
05 Ciaotou District Prosecutors Office has been investigating the Class 3 drug case of four people suspected of being involving in the nightclub 2023-05-15
06 Ciaotou Construction Site Homicide Case: Ciaotou District Prosecutors Office Initiates Investigation and Prosecution Cooperation Mode; Four Detained Defendants Granted Detention 2023-03-16
07 Prosecutors of this Office Won Awards Successively 2023-01-03
08 Investigating and Seizing in Advance to Prevent the Inflow of Drugs into Taiwan, the Prosecutor and Police Task Force Cooperated with the Thai Police to Seize 200 Kilograms of Class 2 Drug Amphetamine 2022-06-24
09 Good time to grab the bargain! Ciaotou District Prosecutors Office will hold a ship auction on January 28, and welcome the willing vendors and people to join in the grand event. 2021-02-09
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