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Prosecutors effort in combating illegal money flows, detect the case of overseas laundering money again

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  • Last updated:2023-09-14
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Taiwan Ciaotou District Prosecutors Office Press Release

Issue Date: Augest 17, 2023

Contributor: Chao-Ching Hsieh ,Deputy Chief Prosecutor

Prosecutors effort in combating illegal money flows, detect the case of overseas  laundering money again

Prosecutors of this office received intelligence information at the beginning of the year, the criminal elements used remote programs to transmit information through the Internet, and cooperate with the virtual machine to open mobile phone projection, laundering a large number money for online gambling websites in Taiwan. Prosecutor Liang Yongjun was appointed to carry out the case, and commanded the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Kaohsiung City Police Department to act on the inquiry.

On August 14, 2023, Head Prosecutors Xie Changxia, Prosecutor Liang Yongjun and related units, went to the residences of defendants Yu ○○ and Wang ○○ to conduct a search. On the spot, it was found that the defendant used the Anydesk remote desktop application to connect to the computer room in

Cambodia by working from home. Turn on 112 Vmware virtual machines with mobile phone projection, remote control illegally obtained Vietnamese online bank accounts, conduct transfer and check accounts, processe funds for illegal Vietnamese online gaming platforms, conducte cash inflows and outflows for conceale the source of cash flow and evasion of arrest. The objective was to obscure the sources and destinations of unlawfully gained profits from gambling- related criminal activities. The investigative team seized ledgers, computers, and

mobile phones at the scene. The total sum of illegal transfers handled by the defendants amounted to VND 2,303,598,263,587 (approximately NT$3,089,544,575), and a 1.5% handling fee deducted from the daily stolen money as the illegal gains of the criminal group, with a total profit of about NT$46,343,168.

The prosecutor believes that the defendants have committed serious crimes in Articles 2, 14, and 15 of the Anti-Money Laundering Prevention Act, and it is necessary to detain them. Therefore, the prosecutor applied to the court for the detainment of the defendant Yu ○○ and was approved. Defendant Wang ○○ was released on bail of NT$50,000.

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