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Introduction to the Probation System

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  • Last updated:2024-05-23
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The probation system is an individualized treatment, which provides counseling and supervision to the perpetrators, assists the perpetrators to adapt to society, and achieves the goal of enlightenment and avoiding repeating crimes.

This Prosecutors Office has set up Probation    Office, to perform adult probation service, which is mainly responsible for the implementation of probation and community treatment.

The objects of the probation and counseling are the inmates on parole and the inmates under suspension of the execution of sentences and sentenced for the probation by the court. The objects of the community treatment and counseling include the defendant of deferred prosecution and the inmate for conditional suspension of the execution of sentence and community service order.

The two aspects of the probation execution:

  1. Counseling aspect:

Use professional and counseling skills to build trust relationships, understand the situation of the case, formulate individual treatment plans, link various social resources, and assist the people under custody to return to society.

  1. Supervision aspect:

Regularly visit and interview with the people under custody, inform the people under custody the matters that they should comply with, and pay attention to their living conditions at any time. If there is any violation of the regulations, they will be corrected and admonished. If the situation is serious, request the revocation of parole or the revocation of suspension of the execution of sentence.

In the implementation of community treatment, it is mainly to supervise the people under custody of deferred prosecution and with conditional suspension of the execution of sentence to comply with or perform certain matters such as accepting the education about rule of law, performing voluntary labor services, and receiving medical treatment. Community service order is mainly to have the people of community service order perform labor services.

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